Episode 290: PREMIUM – Empagliflozin and the EMPA-REG OUTCOME study

In episode 290, James and Mike address listener demands for a discussion on the latest diabetes outcomes trial that looked at empagliflozin, a new class of medications for type-2 diabetes. This study actually showed the group who received this new drug had a reduction in CVD events and other clinically important outcomes. Read more »

Episode 289: Use cream that’s cheaper

In episode 289, James and Mike slip into the quagmire of moisturizers and anti-aging creams. We look at what ingredients are in moisturizers and the evidence behind the anti-aging products. At the end they both feel like they’ve aged 5 years and there’s not a cream on the market that will save them.

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Episode 288: Media and a machination of the mind - PART II

In episode 288, James and Mike continue discussing their experiences evaluating and interacting with the media. We talk about a few examples of spin - UKPDS spin, Dr Oz/The Doctors spin and so on. At the end we quote Jon Stewart who said “The best defence against bullshit is vigilance. Read more »

Episode 287: Media and a machination of the mind

In episode 287, James and Mike discuss their experiences evaluating and interacting with the media. We talk about the stories, the spin, the science and especially the BS. At the end, to make a point, we put a whirlwind of spin on all our research and send it off to the Land of Oz.

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Episode 286: A premium-like podcast – find out what you’ve been missing

In episode 286, James and Mike let it all hang out, metaphorically speaking, and do a premium-like podcast without the premium price. We look at two recent publications and discuss whether or not we have to bridge when you stop anticoagulants in afib and if we should prescribe marijuana to ourselves and all our patients.  For some reason we laugh throughout the entire podcast. Read more »

Episode 285: Cyclobenzaprine – flexing the data around its use in acute back pain

In episode 285, James and Mike look at the evidence around the use of a very old drug, cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), for acute back pain. We find it does have some effect but it also produces sedation etc as would be expected from a tricyclic antidepressant. We remind listeners to use low doses and not to give it three times a day.

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Episode 284: The FODMAP diet – the bottom line around the evidence

In episode 284, the Mikes and James discuss the evidence for the FODMAP diet and irritable bowel syndrome.  There is some evidence, but the gut feeling is that a low FODMAP diet may improve symptoms for patients with primarily diarrhea subtype irritable bowel syndrome. Read more »

Episode 283: PREMIUM – Glucose, blood pressure and statin studies to the max

In episode 283, Mike and James discuss the latest T2DM study showing that sitagliptin at least doesn’t cause much harm. We then veer off to discuss everything you need to know about diastolic and systolic blood pressure and how are they associated with CVD. Finally we discuss an n-of-1 study looking at statin-related myalgia. Bottom line – this was clearly a PREMIUM podcast. Read more »