Episode 249: Is glucosamine inert or does it help if you are inert from osteoarthritis?

In episode 249, Mike and James dive into all the latest data on glucosamine for osteoarthritis. Early on, the research showed it might have some benefit but the most recent meta-analyses indicate glucosamine does not reliably improve pain or function in osteoarthritis.

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Episode 209: A joint look at viscosupplementation for knee osteoarthritis

In episode 209, Mike and James finally get back to podcasting after a bit of a break. We briefly discuss what we did in Australia and then we limp around the evidence for the use of viscosupplementation for knee osteoarthritis. We find that as the quality of the trials go up the evidence of benefit goes down. At the end we encapsulate everything we know into a pamphlet. Read more »

Episode 156: PREMIUM Injecting common sense into painful problems

In episode 156, Mike and James inject a large dose of therapeutics into yet another PREMIUM podcast. We discuss steroid injections for trochanteric pain and which pain medication is safer for long-term use in osteoarthritis. At the end James and Mike offer to send the listeners lidocaine to dull the pain associated with listening to their latest offerings.

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Episode 69: More studies you need to know about

In episode 69, the “Two Mikes” are back at it and they use their mics to dispense some really great prescriptive advice for patients with asthma and no heart burn pain and backs and knees which do have pain. James sits back and goes along for the ride but develops back and knee pain by the end, and the Mikes recommend a full body CT scan.

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Episode 50: More useful clinical trials - with a gentler touch

In episode 50, we talk about 4 more clinical trials that might help you in your practice. We cover topics ranging from fever control with acetaminophen or ibuprofen, injections for rotator cuff injuries, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. Mike and James finally bring in a much needed female flavour to the show, by asking Dr. Tina Korownyk to help out with the evaluation of these studies. Read more »

Episode 32: Aches and Pains: An Overview of Osteoarthritis Treatment

In our 32nd episode we review the therapeutic options for the treatment of osteoarthritis. We first deal with lifestyle interventions for osteoarthritis. We consider the pain pharmaceuticals like acetaminophen, topical or oral NSAIDs, and opiates as well as some of the other osteoarthritis therapies such as glucosamine or steroid injections. Read more »

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